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U.P. #833 is the crown jewel of the museum collection. American Locomotive Company built here in October1939. She weighs in at a healthy 454tons, engine and tender, and is 113 ft 10 1/8 Inches long. She has 80-inch diameter drivers and is balanced for a speed of 90 MPH, and officially ran as fast as a 110 MPH, and unofficially a fleet 120 MPH. The locomotive operates at a boiler pressure of 300 lbs. It has a computed horsepower of 4100 at a speed of 67 MPH. The 833 were used to pull passenger and express trains, which ran through Ogden. At the end of the steam era, she was used to pull fast freight trains. She was retired in 1957 and set on the scrapper track at Cheyenne, Wyoming. She was donated to the City of Salt Lake in 1972. Her tender is of a centipede wheel arrangement. It can hold 23,500 gals of water and 6,000 gals of fuel oil. There are four of these type of locomotives preserved. One is in Council Bluffs, Nebraska, two in Cheyenne, Wyoming, (one of which is the famous U.P. 844 the railroad’s only steam engine that has never been officially retired. It is used on excursions and other special runs.), and the 833 here in Ogden. She was moved here from Pioneer Park in Salt Lake City on February 21, 1999. It was the largest steam locomotive ever moved by trailer. The local Job Corps painted the locomotive including the cab interior and new numbers and lettering has been applied.

If you are ever around this area (Hwy 680 and Hwy 780) make sure to head to the Vista Point. Well worth the extra drive to see this view!


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