A quirky crossing

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I failed to see the malfunction. Its odd that they have the ped gates go down first, but clearly that is there design of the crossing.
I think the malfunction was the extension on the end of the roadway arm swinging about. At first, I thought it was a support leg for it, but at one part you see it getting pulled up into position and then dropping back down as the main arm gets raised. We've got pedestrian stops as well, here in Brisbane, Australia, but they are swinging gates surrounded by a low cage. Those mini arms would be more expensive to make I think.


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I agree, not seeing the problem here. Yes, the pedestrian gates came down first. They're timed so that a little old lady can clear the crossing safely. The articulated gates don't seem to be a flaw either, that's how they work. Not sure what the guy who posted the video to Youtube thinks is an issue?
When the video first started, I thought the pedestrian gate was across the driveway of the house and I thought "Wow, someone has to wait for the train, just to drive in and out their driveway".

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