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  1. pedrop

    Another SD70ACeBB delivered to VLI (Brazil)

    EMD of Brazil delivered today another SD70ACeBB to VLI. Here we see it leading train C558 at EVP yard
  2. pedrop

    GE plant switcher (Brazil)

    Hi, while I was driving in front of GE plant today I saw their yard switcher in front of the main gates, so I took theses pics enclosed. The model is called GE244 because in the past it used an Alco 244 prime mover. Nowadays it uses a GM prime mover from an old G12. There are only two of them in...
  3. pedrop

    GE C21MP on the road (Brazil)

    Hi, I am a bit absent from RailroadForums. Let me update some news from Brazil. Last friday, 8/24, I was driving along BR040 road when I saw a couple of GE C21MP been moved by trucks from GE plant in Contagem, MG to Rio de Janeiro port. The units belongs to Drummond Coal in Colombia and are...
  4. pedrop

    Minas Gerais Railways: the best freight trains in Brazil

    I would like to invite everyone to visit my website about the freight railroads in Minas Gerais state, Brazil. We have one broad and two narrow gauge railroads here: MRS (broad), VL! (old fca) and Vale. It is necessary to register to get access to the site. Visit in this address...
  5. Transport...


    Curitiba, PR, Brazil.
  6. 2874


    Curitiba, PR, Brazil - 09/2008
  7. Iguau Yard

    Iguau Yard

    Curitiba, PR, Brasil.
  8. Train at EVP yard

    Train at EVP yard

    Locomotives U20C 2697, 2696, 2569 and 2540 leading a train of fuel tanks cars and Holcim cement cars at EVP yard. In the background, we see the yard switcher locomotives 2682 and 2681.
  9. Tunnel 78

    Tunnel 78

    Locomotives AC44i 3476-5 and C44MEi 3950-3 loading a train at Andaime pear. In the background, C44MEi 3939-2 and AC44i 3410-2 waiting to give tail help to the loaded trains that departing from Andaime yard.
  10. Grain Train

    Grain Train

    Locomotive BB40-9 1107 and BB40-9W 1238 leading a grain train at Desembargador Drumond. Date: October 23, 2010
  11. Under the Freight Car

    Under the Freight Car

    Well, there were two locomotives at the fueling facility in Lobato yard, and many gondolas stop between us. So, I use my zoom lens and took this picture from inside the car
  12. FCA 2964

    FCA 2964

    Locomotives GT26CU-2 2964 and 940 starting the switching operations of a coal train at station yard. Date: July 23, 2010
  13. MRS 3645

    MRS 3645

    MRSL C26-7MP 3645 parked at Wilson Lobato yard.
  14. Dr Lund yard

    Dr Lund yard

    FCA 2684 and 2687 stopped at Dr Lund yard to change the engineer halph way.
  15. FCA 6112

    FCA 6112

    FCA 6112 between a couple of "maromba" cars. These cars are used to switch on dual gauge yards. Note it has two different trucks:one narrow and other broad gauge. The locomotive is narrow gauge and uses these cars to switch MRS broad gauge cars.
  16. FCA 3664

    FCA 3664

    FCA 3664 running along Vespasiano yard.
  17. MRS at Sape

    MRS at Sape

    Two AC44i leading an iron ore train at Sape village.
  18. Vespasiano yard

    Vespasiano yard

    A trio of GM GT26CU-2 arriving at Vespasiano station.
  19. Steve Holmes in Brazil

    Steve Holmes in Brazil

    The american railfan Steve Holmes joined me in a trip on MRS Paraopeba line yesterday evening. Here he is at Alberto Flores yard photographing the coupler of pushers being prepared for another tail help at Marinhos hill.
  20. Laboriau yard

    Laboriau yard

    Two pair of BB40-9W switching iron orecars at Laboriau yard. here are formed the big trains with 240 or 320 cars. Photo by my friend Willian Whitfiel, from Sandpoint ID. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to