Winter in Romania 2015 - 9: 50 Percent OK (50 p.)

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Proud Earthling

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Winter in Romania 2015 - 8: Tractor Power into Vaser Valley (50 p.)

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February 20 2015

We return to Viseu de Sus on Friday morning. After three days of absence the other group of "photographers" was out and about in Vaser Valley that day, 764-408R "Cozia-1" shunted to take over their train. Ours was about to follow soon.
The remains of hay in the foreground originated from the loading of hay wagons by horse-drawn carts.

The sign on the shed reads: "fumatul interzis" - "smoking forbidden!"

We started the last photo charter day with a change: 764-211 "Mariuta" (O&K #3980 / built 1910) in front of the wall of firewood.

Operations board with times, locations and vehicles, but not current, as Resita "Elvetia" was not operational during our visit.

Our venerable Orenstein & Koppel-engine passed this abandoned factory building.

Here you can spot the start of electrification of the Vaser Valley Railway...
Just a joke! ;-)

Once more we arrived at the narrow house entrances where the line serves as footpath.

This time the valley was only half covered by clouds.

We crossed on the big "suspension bridge" which I did not show in the report from the first day. I walked along the other bank and found this friendly entrance to a lumber yard.

View at the bridge, lumber could be transported from the river directly into the yard to the right.

Our brakeman that day - had been the driver of the railcar the day before!

Our accompanying wagon built by Hungarian Ganz in 1900.

Due to photo run-pasts on the lower part of the line we had to take water early, at this spot probably ice-fishing techniques were in demand.

At the next corner we came across a proper outhouse - literally as it was actually hanging over a cutting.

Once again we started our tour across the wobbly bridge to the lumber site opposite Novat. The orange Tatra stood there fully loaded - obviously not just in lumber- but also Magic Tree-business.

In the background the train departed from Novat loop.

A TAF provided some environment-damaging spectacle, see video at minute 59:00.

This time no horse-drawn carts were operating, but had been upgraded to tractor. Take a look at the engine that had propelled us the day before.

Our wobbly wooden footbridge.

James Bond was chasing us - right hand drive, of course!

Thirst quencher for man and engine.

At our well-known wintery field the sun came through and romantically lit the row of toilets.

If you recall how serene the scenery had looked like five days before, now it resembled a battlefield - not our fault...

We took our first photos of the Vaser bridge between Glimboaca and Cozia.

The icefalls, however, already had been visited several times.

At Cozia we reversed and waited for the overtake by "Cozia-1". Subsequently we returned straight to Viseu...

Gooood neeeews! It's the new Dacia Sandero, next to a horse cart, next to an elderly lady! So, I had won the Topgear-bet (see first Moldovita-report). It was about to be the only time any of us would spot a Sandero, including my former travel companion at that time already waiting for his departure from Bucharest.

Afternoon nap in front of the Wengeralp-coaches with chimneys, the dining car of the hotel train in the background.

The reason for our "express"-ride back: we received the sixth and final steamer of the journey, 764-449 "Ioana". Here to be seen next to the Volga-draisine on a plinth.

First photo stop along Vaser River, from which water was just bucketed.

Past the spots from that morning, we were short on time now.

A hay-deal!

Happily walking away in slippers.

After we had captured the bridge of Valea Scradei for the umpteenth time, we reversed.

A short halt at the icicles not yet visited was possible.

That was it with our wonderful photo charter week in Vaser Valley and Moldovita!

Entering Viseu my remaining fellow hotel train inhabitant and I jumped out of the train to catch this not very happy-looking horse-drawn vehicle.

Compost or something similar was being transported down a steep slope probably to a garden or small field nearby. For that purpose the rear axle of the cart had been removed.

We walked towards the depot, due to temperatures above zero the low-lying surroundings around Viseu had been transformed into pure mud.

Evening mood on the horizon, view along the stored firewood.

Goodbye for this part with "Mariuta" in front of the shed.

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