Regional Rail Express - 3: Vindobona III (50 p.)

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Regional Rail Express - 2: Vindobona II (50 p.)

In this part, we will look at the route of the "Vindobona" through Germany and Czechia, primarily in its EuroCity-days. As has been proclaimed before: this is not supposed to be a complete work, just a few impressions along the way.

Most distant terminal of the "Vindobona" had been Hamburg-Altona from 2000 until its last ride in 2014. Afterwards, first EuroCity "Porta Bohemica" and later "Hungaria" Hamburg - Budapest took over the train number.
On May 25 2017, EC 179 "Alois Negrelli" waited for its departure to Prague.

Some evening impressions from Binnenalster in the city centre.

The EuroCities stop at Wittenberge, here EC 176 "Johannes Brahms" Praha hl.n. - Hamburg-Altona on May 20 2017.
I already have recently shown the picture of EC 173 "Hungaria" Hamburg - Budapest next morning at Bad Wilsnack in the report "Nostalgically Northwards - 4: Coypu, Chicken and Horseshoe-Curve (50 p.)":

On August 15 2010, I arrived by EuroNight 476 "Metropol" ČD-sleeper from Vienna at Berlin main station, underground platforms.

Classic spot Jannowitzbrücke: D 1249 Berlin Zoologischer Garten - Saratov, Belorussian coaches to Minsk behind the locomotive.

Some years "Vindobona" stopped at Dresden-Neustadt, during others it took the alternative line skipping the station. My first time in Dresden.

The icy evening of February 2 2006.

EC 370 Wien Süd (Ost) - Århus departing on October 14 2007.

When going via Dresden-Neustadt, the mainline passes narrow gauge "Lößnitzdackel" at Radebeul Ost.

Sunrise on February 4 2011.

Evening on the Elbe, October 14 2007.

CityNightLine 456 "Phoenix" Prague - Berlin (- Amsterdam/Zürich/Erfurt) reached Dresden Hbf on the snowy evening of January 31 2010.

Engine change from/to ČD class 371 (rebuilt ČD class 372 for 160 kph service), routine for many years at Dresden main station, October 25 2009.
More about the engines (in German):

113 309 took over EN 476 "Metropol" to Berlin Wannsee on October 26 2009.

Followed by this sunrise-reflection on the other side of the station.

CNL 457 "Phoenix" to Prague glowing fiery in first sunlight - but since then there has been no resurrection of these sleeper connections.

ÖBB 1216.236 had taken us from Vienna Westbahnhof to Dresden on January 31 2010.

101 057 changing to EC 378 Wien Süd (Ost) - Ostseebad Binz on October 26 2009.

101 123 arrived on September 27 2015 hauling EC 173 "Porta Bohemica" Hamburg - Budapest.

The original: EC 172 "Vindobona" Villach - Hamburg passed Pirna along Elbe River at dusk on January 31 2010.

CNL 459 "Canopus" Zürich - Prague at Kurort Rathen halt on October 26 2009.

DB Schenker still had class 180 in use in 2009, not anymore since 2014.

EC 172 "Vindobona" Hamburg-Altona - Wien Süd (Ost) at Königstein.

Delayed EN 459 "Canopus" was revealed just in time on September 25 2015 by the morning fog at Ústí nad Labem.

Soon afterwards, EC 171 "Hungaria" Berlin Hbf - Budapest-Keleti arrived. 1986-87 this train operated jointly with "Vindobona".

EC 378 "Slovenská Strela" Bratislava - Ostseebad Binz hauled by ČD 150.202.

371.051 with EC 170 "Hungaria" Budapest - Berlin passed Libčice nad Vltavou-Letky halt near Prague on July 4 2014.

We reach Prague main station with class 854 - which originally had operated as "Vindobona" - in the morning of July 6 2014.

View into the other direction where through coaches which just had arrived by EN 444 "Slovakia" from Poprad were being shunted.

Impression from the hall, October 11 2015.

Old ÖBB livery in ČD service, July 6 2014.

EN 456 "Phoenix" waited for departure towards Amsterdam.

We move on...

... to a classic view of Brno hl.n. with EC 173 "Vindobona" Hamburg - Vienna arriving on March 28 2007. The express trains from Prague were mostly hauled by ZSSK class 350 "Gorilla".

The age of ÖBB class 1216 had dawned on July 2 2011 with EC 378 "Carl Maria von Weber" Wien Praterstern - Ostseebad Binz.

"Diving glass" diesels occasionally took over EuroCities - but only if electricity had been turned off due to construction work. 754.062 pushed EC 378 out of the Brno main station on July 8 2012.

Station overview before modernisation, March 28 2007.

Northbound EC 170 "Hungaria" Budapest-Keleti - Berlin-Gesundbrunnen arrived.

St.-Peter-and-Paul-Cathedral seen from Brno-Horní Heršpice on September 29 2012.

EC 279 "Jaroslav Hašek" Prague - Budapest passed Popice on March 28 2007.

EC 172 "Vindobona" Vienna - Hamburg.

A delayed EC 173 "Vindobona" Hamburg - Villach in front of Thaya river reservoir Nové Mlýny and Děvín (1800 ft), May 4 2013.

We have reached Břeclav, to the left rebuilt on September 29 2012, to the right under reconstruction, May 29 2008.

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