? Rails at Hoover Dam?

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Proud Earthling

Does anyone know about the current use of tracks at the Hoover Dam?

You can find a lot online about the former railroad during construction, but I did not see anything concerning current operations.

You can see a flat vehicle on standard gauge at each side, also an elevated vehicle on wider gauge, sharing one rail with the standard gauge.
Also, there is a wooden platfrom with rails, maybe to lift something out of there by crane? On the right side you can only spot the space for the platform, the platform itself is missing...

Thanks for any hints! :)
Top view of one of the flat cars is shown at about 5:10 in this video.




Locomotive Engineer!!!
When I' was down there in June 2016, the spur line to Hoover dam was cut back across Highway 93-95 west of Boulder City. There is a railroad museum that used to run excursions on some of the line in Boulder City, but they seemed to have stopped. I don't think they use the standard gauge tracks at the dam for anything any more.

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