Railcom Mobile RR Tuned Antenna

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Got a Railcom Mobile RR Tuned antenna from the Mrs. this year for Christmas. Finally had an opportunity to use it on 01-02-15. Man! What a great product. We glued some felt to the bottom of the base to keep it from scratching the car. It held tight even going up I-5 to Brooks.

The antenna did a great job in providing crystal clear reception of the radio traffic. I believe that it was more sensative in capturing the radio traffic, not that I had a lot of difficulty before. But I could definately note an improvement in radio reception. Have it hooked up to an older RS Pro 164 scanner.

Had been using a Larson RR Tuned rubber duckie type previously. Will continue to use it when out of or away from the car.

If you've been hankering for better reception, I wholeheartedly recommend the Railcom antenna. I plan on getting a steel "L" made to put it up on the back patio for summer scanner listening. That way I can use it on the road and at home as well. The packaging, etc. was first rate.

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