Market Day in the East '16 - 10: Irshava - Vynohradiv (50 p.)

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Narrow Gauge East '16 - 9: Berehove - Irshava (50 p.)

The video for this part (please set to 1080p quality / full-screen mode):

Overview of the narrow gauge network (in German, please click "translate):

July 30 2016

We have reached Irshava, nowadays terminal of narrow gauge Borshava Valley Railway - in colloquial speech also known as "Antsya Kushnytska" - former destination Kushnytsya still 30 kilometres away.

The station building with cistern typical of this region.

St. Elias Orthodox church in the background, as many in Ukraine only constructed recently, from 1992.

TU2-034 shunted to reverse the train - on a meadow with walking path.

Even if the previous pictures gave no indication, right next to the station we found a very busy bus terminal and market...

Frilled Curtain to Heaven.

At several bus platforms vehicles stopped every few minutes boarded by crowds of passengers. The skewed one with destination Mukacheve...

... belonged to the (máximo?) "lider" of Ukrainian tourism, by the way.

Taxi stand.

Manoeuvring is difficult in such an overloaded state - if you need an excuse... ;-)

I quickly explored the fruit and vegetable market.

An Orthodox monk endured the midday heat in full clothing - who notices the pack of banknotes?

We had to leave - exiting Irshava you were offered the full range of idols to possibly worship: commerce, nation or religion?

Between Kamyanske and Khmilnyk villages the line traverses an open landscape. In the distance higher ridges of the Carpathians can be spotted.

Just two curves further on, between Khmilnyk halt (faaaaar to the right) and Khmilnyk village (faaaaar to the left).

This lady probably was just walking from the former to the latter.

Boharevytsya village church and the Carpathians.

Back at Khmilnyk junction we were dispatched onto the line to Vynohradiv, this section is still seeing regular passenger traffic on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays.
The stabled coaches to the left had been built by Polish company Pafawag of Wroclaw in 1957-1960, our current coaches of class PW40 were produced by the Demikhovsky Machine-building Plant near Moscow.

On foot we finally saw and crossed the name giving river where the dark-green waters of Irshava River merge with light-green Borshava River.

The train followed suit.

The supposed top railway infrastructure image of the line.

Next we stopped at idyllic Chorny Potik ("Black River") halt of Lviv railway department. The inhabitants must have been curious, as usually no trains run on Saturdays.

The sweetest guard-puppy ran away at once from the crowd of photographers.


July 31 2016

Of course this was not all - the story will be told next time - and so I happened to return to the line Sunday morning. Wait a minute - isn't that a day of scheduled operation? :0)

Oleshnyk station is located half way between Chorny Potik and Vynohradiv - featuring endless rocking across open fields for miles before and after.
Few inhabitants were awaiting the train...

Others used more modern means of transport.

Still, more passengers gathered at the railway halt.

Local 6603 Khmilnyk (dep. 6:20 a.m.) - Vynohradiv (arr. 7:40 a.m.) arrived right on time, four minutes after the first shown picture had been taken. On the 20 kilometres-long line four train pairs operate from early departure until the latest arrival at Khmilnyk, 9:35 p.m.

Where are all these people going with all that luggage that early on Sunday morning?

July 30 2016

Back on Saturday, we had reached Vynohradiv suburbs, then reversed on the station square.

At the station pub, the mainline runs to the right of the picture.


Enjoy the vastness of the sky...

... and emptiness of the square, as...

July 31 2016

... it was about to look like that only 16 hours later!

In front of Vynohradiv station you can spot a class ChME3 which left soon.

The market offered everything - from common to creepy.

"Real" brand items were laid out on the table...

... the rest thrown onto bargain blankets down at the tracks.

The train. The train? The train!

No reason for concern.

Let's take a closer look at this pirate shirt.


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