LORAM, few questions about them

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Howdy guys, Brand new here, was told by a UP employee that you guys are pretty knowledgeable.

Basically I was offered a job at LORAM and I have passed my backgrounds and drug test and am waiting on confirmation on a class but was told it would be around JAN 20th... My first question is what is the physical that they give you when getting up there, is it just a physical to get xrays of your back height and weight and all that BS or is it also a physical assessment, like moving a 40lb block from here to there 20 times? Not gonna lie i'm over weight but have always worked physical jobs( im a former welder and iron worker) and never had an issue, one guy had listed that they put him on a weight restriction and then sent him home but didnt list anything else to that effect.

My second question is how easy is it to get another railroad job in the future, what I mean by that is do the bigger rail road companies look down on loram employees or do they credit you the time you put in on the rail as valuable when making a hiring decision. I have a UP car repair yard in my hometown and would like to, in a few years, get on at that site. Specially with having welding and hopefully soon some rail road experience.

Any reply's or opinions on LORAM welcome.. still dont know to much about it as not to many people voice a praise or foul mouth about them.
I have been with Loram for 15 years, all on ballast cleaners, so I hope I can help.

I have heard of a couple physical tests, be able to lift 50 lbs, be able to hang off a ladder like a brakeman for like 5 minutes. I believe they have a doctor check you out as well.

As far as railroad employment, at one time I was told 3 years at Loram was considered railroad experience.

I have been to Canada, Mexico and Brazil, and had opportunity to go to China and Australia as well.

Hope this helps.

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