CSX New Castle sub Firestone yard

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I am curious about Firestone yard (MP 132) in Akron on the CSX New Castle sub.
I was originally intrigued by the B&O CPL signal indications (1305.1 and 1305.2) featured in a photo.
I now understand that these indications are Approach Limited.
The left top flashing white not easily portrayed in a photograph, I had assumed the indications were Approach Medium.
The section of double track capable of bi-directional travel.
The indications starting to make sense after discovering that Approach Limited could be used in lieu of Advance Approach.
I have managed to find the CSX New Castle sub track chart, which also displays signals.
The section of bi-directional running extending from the Amtrak station to Lambert junction into single track.
There appears to only be a dwarf signal to exit Firestone yard in the East direction.
I am wondering if a West bound local could enter Firestone yard via Main # 2, then continue west.
Or, that local would need to run-around and depart Firestone yard to work East.
Here where a signal (route controlled) does not exist, verbal instructions and a hand signal can be granted.
However, this would be for shunting purposes or to proceed in the normal track running direction.
A signal would be needed to permit exit and travel in the opposite direction within bi-directional working.

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