College World Series

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Is UP going to have anything on display downtown this year? I know 844 is not due to the attention being paid by the steam crew to 4014.... just wondering if maybe the E9's or 6936 will be on display?
I have NO inside info myself , my only advice is to keep an Eye ON
the official UP Steam twitter and webpage for any announcement on what they wil do next.
I really really Sadly Looks like UP steam will NOT be attending the COllege WOrd series in Omaha this year 2018.
IF the were attending they would have posted a schedule for thwir move in May 2018, sadly that did NOT happen:
Here are UP stream program official webpages and twitter:
I guess I should've added I looked there before posting my question. I'm fairly certain there will be something there... betting on the E9's
It's the UP 1943. By pure coincidence I was in downtown Omaha this morning. I decided to take a hike over the Missouri River pedestrian bridge to Council Bluffs. As I was parking I heard a diesel horn signalling the crossing just south of me so I decided to wait. Less than 5 minutes later I was presented with UP's College World Series "display train." I had earlier seen this thread and was motivated to check the UP website to see if I could find out their plans...I had no luck with that. Because of the zig-zag route used to get from Council Bluffs to this Omaha site UP 4500 & UP 4654 were used to pull the train northward in these shots. UP 1943 on the rear to pull into the CWS siding.

My real luck turned out even better.

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