Cedar Point's Jennie K.

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Son of a Conrail fan
I know I havent posted here in a very long time, however I ended up working as a locomotive Fireman on the Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad this last summer, so in a sense I lived the dream as it is, but I am asking for some help on behalf of a couple of coworkers Justin Kelsheimer and Brian Smith, who are also two great friends of mine.

I am not sure if the powers that be will allow the link, however I will vouch for Justin Kelsheimer and Brian Smith-two of the crew I had the honor to work with at Cedar Point this last season, and two of my great friends. These two guys want to try to save Jennie K, and I do not blame them one bit. If any of you guys out there in RRF land can help-please do. The paragraph below is what they are trying to do, and I hope the link works, if not, then copy and paste it. I would think assisting in steam preservation would be cool to post here.

Knott's is holding an auction that will include Jennie but Me and Brian are trying to save her. I've got $5000 of my own money as a base but we will need to raise every dollar we can get. Since it's an auction every dollar we raise is another dollar higher we can bid. I've started a GoFundMe but we only have two months to raise the cash! If you could share this on Facebook or even throw a few bucks are way we'd appreciate it! https://www.gofundme.com/save-jennie-k

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