And now... it's: final Part 8 - Dawlish II (50 p.)

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Proud Earthling
Originally Posted April 2007


Itinerary for April 18 (part 2) and 19:

Dawlish dep 11:00 (SW 158 -> Paignton)
Paignton arr 11:30

Paignton dep 12:15 (Paignton & Dartmouth P&D 4500)
Kingswear arr 12:45
Kingswear dep 13:00 (P&D 4500 -> Paignton)
Goodrington arr 13:25


Paignton dep 9:14 (GW 150 -> Exmouth)
Newton Abbot arr 9:30
Newton Abbot dep 9:35 (GW 43 "HST")
London Paddington arr 12:21
London Underground to Liverpool Street

London Liverpool Street dep 13:10 (One 317)
Stansted arr 13:56

A Voyager to Birmingham via Bristol

A local train with class 153 and 150

The first HST from Penzance "Golden Hind" was 40 minutes late

The next HST followed 8 minutes later, so I couldn't find another spot as planned

Maintenance work

And the next HST, 15 minutes behind the previous one

This time with old engine towards London

A Voyager, now on the other side of the station

At 9:47 the HST passed which I was about to take the next day

I walked uphill for a better view

Meeting Voyager/HST

The first HST of the day London - Penzance disappointed sound-wise with two refurbished engines, not only me but also a group of children (see video

The next HST to London was stopping at Dawlish

A quiet day at the beach ;D

Now I went on to Paignton for the Paignton & Dartmouth museum railway:

After a ride on the train I arrived at Kingswear opposite Dartmouth which can be reached by ferry. Great Western 4555 "Warrior" is reversing next to the "Devon Belle" observation car

The River Dart at low tide, viewed from the train I took to Goodrington

One of the best known photo spots of the line, Saltern Cove, with the train at 14:30

Going downhill at 15:40, same place

And the next train at 16:25 passing Goodrington beach

Paignton Pier on the last morning, after good, long sleep (no wonder after three nights straight without hotel!)

Arrived punctually at London Paddington

Heathrow Express at Paddington

Impressions from Paddington

And a last photo from London Liverpool Street station with One class 317 as Stansted Express

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