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  1. pedrop

    Minas Gerais Railways: the best freight trains in Brazil

    I would like to invite everyone to visit my website about the freight railroads in Minas Gerais state, Brazil. We have one broad and two narrow gauge railroads here: MRS (broad), VL! (old fca) and Vale. It is necessary to register to get access to the site. Visit in this address...
  2. GE BB40-9WM # 1243

    GE BB40-9WM # 1243

    Horto Florestal
  3. Grain Train

    Grain Train

    Locomotive BB40-9 1107 and BB40-9W 1238 leading a grain train at Desembargador Drumond. Date: October 23, 2010
  4. Grain Train

    Grain Train

    A FCA grain train leaded by Vale BB40-9W 1151 and 1265, FCA U20C 2682 and 2585 at the Km 622.
  5. Laboriau yard

    Laboriau yard

    Two pair of BB40-9W switching iron orecars at Laboriau yard. here are formed the big trains with 240 or 320 cars. Photo by my friend Willian Whitfiel, from Sandpoint ID.
  6. Takraf crane

    Takraf crane

    FCA Takraf crane working on the wreck of Vale HFD class covered hoppers.
  7. Botton view

    Botton view

    A rare botton view of a Vale HFD class car. It was wrecked at km 628, here in town.
  8. Lime on the line

    Lime on the line

    A Vale HFD class covered hopper wrecked at km 628. The cars was full of lime.
  9. Friends and trains

    Friends and trains

    Gutierrez and Scott Pas arriving at Dois Irmaos yard to our railfaning meeting at Costa Lacerda yard. Scott is an australian railfan.
  10. Vale restaurant car

    Vale restaurant car

    An inside view of Vale restaurant car (actually, is a bar).
  11. EFVM 704

    EFVM 704

    EFVM 704 and 1220 leading a train at the bridge of Km 626. Here we see the bridge being prepared to be changed.
  12. EFVM 9537

    EFVM 9537

    EFVM 9537 is an old ATFS SF30C, now rebuilt to BB36-7 by Vale. Here we see it at Vespasiano yard leading empty train C-725 for limestone.
  13. Vale 1229

    Vale 1229

    Narrow gauge GE BB40-9W Vale 1229 switching broad gauge MRSL gondolas at Patrag yard. Note the special gondola connecting the narrow gauge locomotive to the broad gauge cars. It is called "maromba" and has two couplers, one for each gauge.
  14. Vale P02 train

    Vale P02 train

    Vale P02 train passing by Costa Lacerda yard. The green locomotive is BB45-2 888. At left we see EFVM 1222 switching at the yard.
  15. EFVM FRB-288833-5

    EFVM FRB-288833-5

    The old EFVM FRB-288833-5 is a Pullman car made in 1946 and still in service and in very good shape. Here we see some of olf EFVM cars at Wilson Lobato yard.
  16. EFVM FNB-289901-9

    EFVM FNB-289901-9

    The old EFVM FNB-289901-9 is a Pullman car made in 1946 and still in service and in very good shape.
  17. EFVM 1258

    EFVM 1258

    Vale 1258 switching flat cars with steel coils at Lafaiete Bandeira yard.
  18. Vale 824

    Vale 824

    Vale 824 at Uberaba yard.
  19. FCA 2540

    FCA 2540

    FCA 2540, 2587, Vale 824 and 821 switching at Uberaba yard.
  20. Vale 1285

    Vale 1285

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