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  1. brad_in_omaha

    Couple Cold and Cloudy weekends

    Been cold an cloudy around here, but that's not always a bad thing. 12/17/2016 1. Love this scene at Abel on the Sioux City Sub. Something about the trees and grass mixed with the snow really do it for me. 2. Just north of Abel, also on the Sioux City Sub 3. West of Ashland on...
  2. brad_in_omaha

    Past Couple Weekends

    Its been way too long since I have posted any photos, but I actually made it out to the tracks with my camera 3 times since Thanksgiving! First off Black Friday: 1. BNSF Bayard Train in the foreground, IAIS CBBI in the background. BNSF has just returned and waiting a crew to take it back to...
  3. brad_in_omaha

    SD40-2 Locomotives and Cabooses in 2016

    SD40-2 Locomotives and Cabooses in 2016 It's great that we an still photograph SD40-2 Locomotives (or SD40N now)and Cabooses in 2016! The SD40-2s are sharp looking too, nice paint and not tagged! 1. 2/20/2016, I caught the 1988 in Downtown Omaha 20160220SC8A2941 by Brad Williams, on...
  4. njurgensen

    Lincoln, NE area shots

    This will be a thread where I dump any and all pictures RR associated that I take in and around Lincoln. I attend the University of Nebraska and my parking lot is right next to the busy Creston Sub northeast of Hobson Yard...
  5. njurgensen

    Saturday A.M. in Omaha

    Hello all. I woke up Saturday morning at about 7:30 and heard 3 BNSF trains go through Ralston in a matter of 45 minutes. I had to show a family member how to get to the Qwest Center for state wrestling here in town and so I decided to stop by at Amtrak and hang out for a while to see what...
  6. njurgensen

    Lincoln, NE question

    So I'm a big sports fanatic especially when it comes to the Nebraska Cornhuskers. While driving through town to go to my many stops before going to the game, we crossed the railroad tracks that go right through the 56th and Old Cheney...
  7. njurgensen

    My first ever...

    ...trip to Oreapolis went well and I must say that I cannot wait to go back! Got out of my final class for the day and decided to make my maiden voyage down there. I mean, not like there's anything else for a college student to do on a Friday evening anyways... :D First things first, I just...
  8. njurgensen

    Luck continues! Right place at the right time...

    So there's a story to every video I upload... My girlfriend lives out in the Millard area while I live just west of Ralston. Every night, when I head back home from her place I always slide through the 132nd and Giles Road intersection, mainly just to try my luck on the BNSF down there...
  9. njurgensen

    Bellevue, NE venture

    Okay, so here's my scoop. I was heading down to Bellevue to see some family. While traversing Kennedy Freeway, I noticed OMAX heading south at a sluggish pace. Continuing south on Fort Crook, I noticed a NB grain stopped at the crossover just north of Cornhusker. Remembering the OMAX train...
  10. NE Central Tracks

    NE Central Tracks

    Nebr. Central tracks north of Oconee, Nebr.
  11. 4:36 AM At Bushnell, Nebraska

    4:36 AM At Bushnell, Nebraska

    Dawn comes early on June 30th, 2002. Just outside the tiny hamlet of Bushnell, NE an eastbound UP freight streaks by in the darkness while the few residents of town are probably still fast asleep and oblivious to the beautiful sunrise unfolding to their east. Canon EOS D30 Canon EF 28mm f/2.8
  12. Northport, Nebraska

    Northport, Nebraska

    UP Eastbound Coal Train rumbles through Northport, Nebraska
  13. Platte River Crossing

    Platte River Crossing

    Amtrak's California Zephyr crosses the Platte River for the second time in an hour, south of Omaha, at Oreopalis, Neb., near the Plattsmouth, Neb., Missouri River crossing. First crossing was just east of Lincoln, between Omaha and Lincoln, at Linoma, near Ashland. That photo was taken with...
  14. UP'S Council Bluffs Sub

    UP'S Council Bluffs Sub

    UP Eastbound Freight Train at Chapman, Nebraska
  15. Fremont, Nebraska

    Fremont, Nebraska

    C&NW Westbound Coal Train at Fremont, Nebraska with a C40-8 leading a C44-9W
  16. BN'S Ravenna Sub

    BN'S Ravenna Sub

    BN Westbound Coal Train at Grand Island, Nebraska
  17. Pulling for United Way

    Pulling for United Way

    UP Eastbound Freight Train rumbles through Fremont, Nebraska with the one & only UP 3300 SD40-2 painted in a special paint scheme for United Way leading a UP C30-7
  18. The Wonders of Photoshop!

    The Wonders of Photoshop!

    BNSF 1103 leads a stack train through Greenwood, NE on the BNSF Creston Sub. Tweaks preformed in Photoshop Elements 2.0 .
  19. White Frozen Drivers

    White Frozen Drivers

    Union Pacific 3985 Hershey Nebraska Febuary 12,2004 Temp about: -1 F (Notice the Frozen White Driver!!) The Coldest Chase I've ever done!! My Fingers were numb, hope you enjoy my case of FROSTBITE!
  20. In Your Face - Union Pacific #3985

    In Your Face - Union Pacific #3985

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