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  1. MILW U28B  5505

    MILW U28B 5505

    MILW U28B 5505 resting at the MILW Bellingham Roundhouse in 1978.
  2. Patchy MILW GP35

    Patchy MILW GP35

    MILW 1503 looking like a candidate for some leased locomotive company.
  3. MILW 81A  F7A @Bellingham

    MILW 81A F7A @Bellingham

    Rare visitor to the MILW Bellingham-Sumas Branch. Current history of this unit: MILW 48C-47C-81A, DAKR 81A, GETY 81A-1863, Pioneer Lines?
  4. Rare sight in Bham

    Rare sight in Bham

    Milwaukee F7A 81A and SE-1 Slug at the roundhouse in Bellingham.
  5. Milwaukee experiment

    Milwaukee experiment

    Milwaukee Tacoma roundhouse sent this stellar lashup northward for the Bellingham-Sumas Local one day in 1979. The experiment didn\'t work so well as they never made another visit.
  6. Very Milwaukee Road

    Very Milwaukee Road

    A Tacoma Roundhouse special lashup got sent up to Bellingham one rainy dark day in 1979. The BN ran F-Units all the time through Bellingham. This is the only time the Milwaukee tried it (to the best of my knowledge).
  7. MILW Bellingham Switcher

    MILW Bellingham Switcher

    MILW 626 SW1200 waiting for orders and switching instructions at the MILW Depot(not pictured)in downtown Bellingham WA. The shadow forming on the 626 is coming from the 2nd tallest building in Bellingham, the Herald Building.
  8. MILW Bellingham Switcher

    MILW Bellingham Switcher

    MILW 627 SW1200 takes a break at the roundhouse in Bellingham WA in 1979.
  9. Snowed on

    Snowed on

    MILW SW1200 618 is experiencing a snow squall in Bellingham WA in the winter of 1979.
  10. MILW motors

    MILW motors

    MILW Bellingham Switcher 626 pulls up alongside the Sumas Local power for this stunning early morning photo at the roundhouse.
  11. MILW Bellingham

    MILW Bellingham

    MILW GP35/U25B lashup and switcher 618 on hand at the MILW Roundhouse Bellingham WA one day in 1979.
  12. MILW Roundhouse Bellingham

    MILW Roundhouse Bellingham

    This picture of the Milwaukee Roundhouse in Bellingham WA was taken about 1978. It was torn down in the late 1990s.
  13. MILW Moses Lake WA

    MILW Moses Lake WA

    MILW Moses Lake depot in 1980 after the volcanic ash fallout from Mt. St. Helens.
  14. Free Ballast

    Free Ballast

    Mt St. Helens in 1980 provided a lot of free ballast to eastern Washington railroads. This shot shows a couple inches of volcanic ash on MILW trackage in Moses Lake WA.
  15. Track Grass

    Track Grass

    On the abandon MILW rail-ferry slip at Bellingham WA, nature takes over (including seagull droppings).
  16. MILW Hi-Iron

    MILW Hi-Iron

    Prime example of the condition of the Sumas Branch during the 1970\'s. Enter at your own risk.
  17. MILW Mismatch

    MILW Mismatch

    The MILW turntable at the roundhouse Bellingham WA is just a bit out off level.
  18. Sumas bound hotshot

    Sumas bound hotshot

    MILW 282 North on the throttle at Cornwall in Bellingham WA. Notice the spaghetti rails of the siding.
  19. MILW final to Sumas

    MILW final to Sumas

    The last glimpse of MILW operations on the Sumas Branch March 31 1980. This shot taken north of Bellingham with the last few minutes of daylight.
  20. MILW sunset @ Bham

    MILW sunset @ Bham

    Nearly sundown on the MILW operations at Bellingham WA as this lite power runs around their train in the yard in early 1980. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to