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  1. OCSR 274

    OCSR 274

    At Garibaldi, OR
  2. cultrevolutioner

    locomotive dealing with a damaged bridge

    this video is from Uruguay, a locomotive is crossing a damaged bridge that is supported with a tower of sleepers only
  3. cultrevolutioner

    Hitachi-Mitsubishi BFA-32 locomotive

    coupling maneuver of this Hitachi-Mitsubishi BFA-32 locomotive, decades in use at Bolivia railway, this video is at Villazon station, Bolivia border with Argentina, year 2015
  4. cultrevolutioner

    old EMD GT22 locomotive complete maneuver

    nice view & sound with a still active old locomotive doing the uncoupling / coupling maneuver at Pilar station in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  5. east_bay_alex

    What is This? (BNSF Dash 9 Spark Arrestor?)

    Does anyone know what this contraption is around the stack? I've noticed these on more and more BNSF Dash 9 units recently... Thanks for the info!!
  6. Yreka Western #19

    Yreka Western #19

    On the way to its new home.
  7. UP 1207

    UP 1207

    Sitting in the yard in Salem, OR.
  8. Siemens Demonstrator

    Siemens Demonstrator

    Dead-in-tow on the northbound Coast Starlight. Stopped in Salem, OR.
  9. Pair of Switchers

    Pair of Switchers

    Sitting in the yard in Guadalupe, CA. Photographed from the Coast Starlight.
  10. F40PH Line-up

    F40PH Line-up

    The CalTrain service facility in San Jose, CA.
  11. Geeps In the Oakland Intermodal Yard

    Geeps In the Oakland Intermodal Yard

    The first unit is a GP15-1
  12. M

    For sale original Baldwin #5 buildersplate

    For sale, original Baldwin locomotive Works buildersplate number 5 (10-18E9).
  13. Bellow's Falls

    Bellow's Falls

    B&M P3 Pacific 3708 and Rutland ten-wheeler 72 share the station at Bellow\'s Falls, VT. on a rainy day in 1929.
  14. DoctorZ

    The Iron Horse Central Tourist Railroad in Chisago City, MN, Locomotive Ride.

    It's only 3,500 feet of track all hand spiked by the owner and his son!
  15. trainsonrails

    Railfan Facebook Page

    Hi Everyone, I have started a Facebook Page for Railfans. If you have a personal Facebook account, could people on this forum think about liking the page? The Page is for Railfans around the world to keep up to date with heritage operations, special deals on Rail Travel and much more. It...
  16. Working in the Rain

    Working in the Rain

    WPRR 1801 working in Eugene on a rainy afternoon.
  17. Waiting


    Light engines waiting at the Kalama grain terminal.
  18. W

    Large Antique Railroad Bell

    Hello I recently listed an antique railroad bell, very large brass or bronze one on eBay for sale. I was wondering if anyone might be able to tell me specifically what train it would have been on or if there is a way for me to tell? I have had a few requests asking this and am not sure how to...
  19. PNWR 3053

    PNWR 3053

    Crossing the Salem Parkway.
  20. PNWR 3053

    PNWR 3053

    Crossing the Salem Parkway.

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