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  1. Westbound Garbage Train

    Westbound Garbage Train

    Between Maryhill and Wishram, WA. The road is the former SP&S ROW.
  2. Westbound Grain Train

    Westbound Grain Train

    At Maryhill, WA. Photographed from highway 97 overlook.
  3. Westbound Grain Train

    Westbound Grain Train

    At Cooks, WA. Photographed from Starvation Creek Falls, OR
  4. Eastbound at Night

    Eastbound at Night

    An eastbound lights up a cut at Dallesport, WA on April 9, 2018.
  5. Yard Limit

    BNSF 5836 Leads a Backwards Amtrak 4!

    We lead off with Amtrak 3 being led by AMTK 3 as it passes through Bernalillo, NM. After a tragic derailment near Kingman, AZ, Amtrak 3 became Amtrak 4 in Flagstaff, AZ. Passengers were bused in from California and Kingman. Unfortunately, the train was still pointing west so BNSF 5836 was...
  6. east_bay_alex

    Meals for Train Crews

    How do train crews get time to eat when on duty? Are they allowed to go to the nearest fast food joint by the tracks if time allows? I recently heard a UP freight in a siding waiting for MoW to clear up and they asked if they had time to get food. Thanks for your input! Alex Wilson Castro...
  7. BNSF 9235N (SD70ACe)

    BNSF 9235N (SD70ACe)

    Sitting all by itself in Linnton, OR northwest of Portland.
  8. Peach Bonnett

    Peach Bonnett

    The paint on this well-traveled War Bonnet is so thin it presents the appearance as that of a Peach Bonnet.
  9. east_bay_alex

    What is This? (BNSF Dash 9 Spark Arrestor?)

    Does anyone know what this contraption is around the stack? I've noticed these on more and more BNSF Dash 9 units recently... Thanks for the info!!
  10. Yard Limit

    BNSF 614 Leads Amtrak 4 On March 13, 2018, I saw Amtrak 4 come and go on the Flagstaff webcam and it was on time and had a normal consist. Between Winslow and Gallup it lost about an hour and 40 minutes which was very unusual so I listened on the scanner as it was arriving in NMRX...
  11. J

    BNSF Freight in Seligman, Arizona - New Video

    A BNSF Freight heads eastward through Seligman, Arizona in June 2014. -EAuUHo3Mxs
  12. Yard Limit

    The BNSF Gallup Subdivision Gallup, New Mexico, is the largest city along the BNSF Gallup Subdivision between Flagstaff, Arizona, and Albuquerque. Approximately 21,000 people call Gallup home, and it is predominantly made up Native Americans from the Navajo, Hopi, and Zuni tribes. The city...
  13. east_bay_alex

    Amtrak, BNSF, UP, Meets, GEVO Idle Sounds and more!

    aQjSYE83bBU&t This is my longest and hopefully best video so far! I've taken the time to really narrow in my editing skills and keep things interesting thanks to feedback from all of you! Please don't hesitate to leave feedback positive or negative. I'm taking all comments into consideration...
  14. Yard Limit

    How to Make a Railroad Video In this video, I’m going to show you the tools that I use to make quality youtube videos. With youtube, you can post videos of almost any quality, but when I first started posting railroad videos a couple years ago, I was immediately attracted to the high...
  15. Modern GE Family

    Modern GE Family

    One of each, AC44, 9-44CW, ES44DC & ES44C4 - different paint schemes too! ATSF pink, CP Beaver, BNSF H2 & H3
  16. Yard Limit

    A Busy Day in Bernalillo! Sometimes the moon and stars align perfectly. On November 19, 2017, with a heads up from Southwest Railroad Photography, we heard there were Siemens Chargers on Amtrak 4 out of California. There was some hope that they would remain on 4 and go to Chicago, but...
  17. Yard Limit

    BNSF Southern Transcon at Grants, NM The BNSF Southern Transcon is a railroad corridor between Southern California and Chicago, Illinois. Completed in its current alignment in 1908 by the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway, when it opened the Belen Cutoff in New Mexico and bypassed the steep...
  18. Yard Limit

    BNSF 2844 Returns From Rosario, NM On most Sundays, a local freight leaves Albuquerque, NM and makes a stop at the General Mills plant on the north end of town. After exchanging a few hopper cars, the train takes tanks cars of asphalt to Rosario, NM and then returns several hours later with...
  19. Yard Limit

    BNSF 6336 Leads Amtrak 4 at Bernalillo, NM Due to mechanical problems, BNSF 6336 is leading the eastbound Southwest Chief on July 14, 2017. Coming through Bernalillo, NM at a very busy commuter time, train 4 is delayed even further waiting for the New Mexico Railrunner rush to be over. After 4 passes...
  20. Yard Limit

    BNSF 4424 and the Amtrak Cascades 513

    On a beautiful May morning, BNSF 4424, a GE C44-9W built in 1999, shunts grain cars into the Louis Dreyfus Grain Terminal in Seattle. A friendly wave by the engineer is always appreciated! Soon after, Amtrak 513, the Cascades, diverges onto main 1 and passes BNSF 5993 waiting for the green at... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to