Not that long ago CP actively served Prince Albert via three lines, East from Shellbrook, West from Nipawin and North from Humboldt. All three involved running rights on CN for the final leg of the trip. Since then both CP & CN pulled out of Prince Albert altogether in 1992 & 1997 respectively, with most of the area trackage torn up. CP stopped here in Choice land, but wanted to continue tearing through Eastward - a farmer’s coalition saved this piece however by forming their own shortline on April 16, 2008.

This is their only motive power, RIMX 1432, ex-CN 1432 (retired 2006), better known as CN 1602 (pre 1999) & CN 1008 (pre 1988, build 1958). Until 1999 this was a classic A-1-A branchline GMD1, its B-B trucks aren’t new however, off CN 1163, originally off a retired GP9 in 1986.

CP used to work this line with light weight RS-23’s, hence a CN GMD1u is a fitting sight. He’s more than capable of handling the depressing amount of traffic: 13 cars in 2002, 119 in 2003, 0 in 2004.

Note that part of the long hood is from a different engine, looks like an SP SW to me.