This is a photo of Frankford Junction Station in Philadelphia. At the time it was taken the "Junction" was the busiest commuter station in Philly. Today it doesn't exist. All that remain are crumbling platforms.

The Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Line joined the PRR Northeast Corridor at this location. When my Mom started taking to the junction in the 50's most if not all PRSL trains were powered by PRR K-4 Pacific's. The Atlantic Race Track train was the last to use steam and if I am correct it lasted until 1958 or 1959.

Today these rails still see NJT Atlantic City and CRSA trains and the corridor is as busy as ever but that old station is long gone and trains don't stop here.

This is the only photo I have of the "Junction". What a mistake! I never thought it would just disappear someday. After all this was Frankford Junction and it would be around forever so why take photos.

Is there a moral here? Yes, if you have a favorite place get it on film. And every time something changes get it on film. The memories are great but the photos are better.