Umekoji steam locomotive museum is supreme railway museum in Japan. Umekoji was open at Oct. 10th 1972, it's the 100years anniversary of railways in Japan.

On Dec. 1954, JNR (Japan National Railways) tried World speed record in narrow gage (1067mm) by steam locomotive. In Tokaido line, at Kisogawa bridge, C6217 runs 129km/h and it's the World record.

JNR(Japan National Railways) Model C62


C62 is remodel from D52.

C621 to C6249

Manufactured: 1948 - 1949

Purpose: Passenger, Express and Limited express

Drive: 2-C-2, Hudson

Wheel: 1750mm

Gross weight: 88.83+56.34m.t. (m.t.=metric ton,1m.t.=1000kg)