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Thread: Gorgerail 2005 Photos

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    OK, this thread was accidentially deleted and it has been restored. Took crashing SQL with too many requests and rebooting the entire server to do it, but it's back.

    Drew, please don't do that again!

    A reminder for the rest of you, if you start a thread, and you later delete the first message in the thread, the ENTIRE THREAD will go away. So please try to not to do that. Thanks!
    Bob Harbison
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    Bummer - it looks like the pictures are still gone
    - Rosco

    RailroadForums.com Moderator

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    Well, looks like once you delete a thread, the attachments are gone...

    Sorry guys! The member in question was only trying to delete his own photos, to free up some space so he could upload more. Apparently he did more than he bargained for.
    Bob Harbison
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    Well, since all the photos are gone, there's not much point in a GorgeRail Photos thread with no photos in it. As I mentioned, a member was trying free up some space, and deleted the first post. That accidentially deleted the entire thread.

    I've now removed all of it but the last 4 messages, since the attachements were still there, but not showing up any more. That was useless, and I was also a bit worried that it might confuse things in the database, so I've deleted it.

    My apologies for having to remove this one. If you got a message today about your post(s) being deleted, that's why, and it had nothing to do with the message content or photos.
    Bob Harbison
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    Wait, so if I try to delete some pictures and take out the first post I can carsh the whole forum? Should I send a "heads up cruch is coming"? or something.

    I'm only asking because I do "clean-ups" fairly regularly and nothing has ever gone wrong that I know off.
    See my photos in the Gallery.

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    > Wait, so if I try to delete some pictures and take
    > out the first post I can crash the whole forum?

    No, you can't, for a couple reasons.

    1) The forum hadn't actually crashed, it was still running, but under such a heavy load it was refusing new connections and running very slow. What's the difference? Not much, but we didn't experience any data loss.

    2) Deleting the thread didn't cause the issue, trying to restore it, which only I can do, is what slowed things to a crawl. Since I now know that the photos won't restore, I probably won't bother trying that again.
    Bob Harbison
    RailroadForums.com Host

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    Yeah, my bad....sorry about that guys. I thought i had just deleted the post that my photos were on, but i guess it was on the first post instead...oh well, there is always next year..anyhow, i do still have the trip report................which is down below...............

    Gorgerail 2005 Train Notes

    1228pm Wyeth OR OWVT4(Unit train other then grain or coal West Vacco,WY-Terminal 4 Portland, OR) UP 7572(AC6000CW), UP 6654(C44ACCTE)

    1238pm Mosier OR MSEHK(Manifest Seattle,WA-Hinkle,OR)
    UP 5848(C44ACCTE), UP 7520(AC6000CW), UP 8552(SD90MAC), CSXT 5118(AC4400CW)

    1247pm Mosier OR LID71(Local from The Dalles,OR to Cascade Locks,OR and return)
    UP 834(GP38-2)

    1250pm Bingen, WA G-JSDINB9(Grain Shuttle from ??? to Seattle,WA Interbay Yard)
    BNSF 5399(C44-9W), BNSF 1058(C44-9W), DPU's BNSF 696(C44-9W), BNSF 4944(C44-9W)

    100pm Bingen, WA G-ABATAC9(Grain Shuttle from Alberta, MN to Tacoma,WA)
    BNSF 709(C44-9W), BNSF 4675(C44-9W), DPU's BNSF 5222(C44-9W), BNSF 5342(C44-9W)

    115pm The Dalles, OR MRVHK(Manifest, Roseville, CA-Hinkle, OR via the Oregon Trunk)
    UP 3798(SD70M) HLCX 6408(ex-Trona SD45-2) UP 5702(C44ACCTE)

    145pm The Dalles, OR GLETRG(Grain Load-Eastport(CP),ID-Rivergate, OR)
    CEFX 119(SD90-43MAC), CEFX 1004(AC4400CW)) CEFX 126(SD90-43MAC)

    228pm The Dalles, OR AGBSE(Autos-Argo, IL-Seattle,WA(Argo Yard)
    UP 4125(SD70M), ATSF 612(C44-9W), UP 9484(C40-8W)

    252pm North Dalles,WA U-ROOEVE1-20A(Unit train other then grain or coal Roosevelt,WA-Everett,WA) BNSF 3143(GP50), BNSF 2899(GP39E), BNSF 3149(GP50), BNSF 3196(GP50)

    305pm North Dalles,WA M-PASLYD1-20A(Manifest-Pasco,WA-Portland,OR Lake Yard)
    BNSF 3020(GP40M), BNSF 8065(SD40-2)

    310pm North Dalles,WA L-NWE8441-20T(Local from Wishram to Home Vallery and return)
    BNSF 2900(GP39E) 6 Cars

    318pm Celilo, OR MHKPD-20(Manifest Hinkle,OR-Portland,OR)
    UP 3564, UP 2767(ex-SP SDP45!), SP 183(AC4400CW), CEFX 115(SD90-43MAC)

    320pm Wishram, WA M-RRBPAS1-17A(Manifest-Riverbank,CA-Pasco,WA)
    BNSF 530(B40-8W), BNSF 6734(SD40-2), NREX 8698(ex-CSX SD50) NREX 5705(ex-CP SD40-2)

    414pm Avery, WA Z-CHCPTL(LTL-UPS Intermodal Chicago Cicero,IL-Portland,OR)
    BNSF 4506(C44-9W), BNSF 5252(C44-9W), BNSF 751(C44-9W)

    420pm Avery, WA BNSF M-RRBVAW3-17(Manifest-Riverbank,CA-Vancouver,WA Extra)
    BNSF 4719(C44-9W), BNSF 4699(C44-9W), NS 9035(C40-9W), BNSF 4495(C44-9W)

    430pm Wishram, WA H-PASBAR1-20(High Priority Manifest-Pasco,WA-Barstow,CA)
    BNSF 5451(C44-9W), BNSF 4114(C44-9W), BNSF 94(C41-8W)5, BNSF 6702(SD40-2), BNSF 2719(GP39E)

    540pm West Maryhill, WA X-KALCVN(Grain Mty-Kalama,WA-Craven,SD)
    BNSF 7682(ES44DC), BNSF 984(C44-9W)

    546pm West Maryhill, WA G-??????(Grain Shuttle)
    BNSF 5049(C44-9W), BNSF 435(C44-9W)8, DPU's BNSF 5841(AC4400CW), BNSF 998(C44-9W)

    614pm West Maryhill, WA G-??????(Grain Shuttle)
    BNSF 709(C44-9W), BNSF 4675(C44-9W), DPU's BNSF 5522(C44-9W), BNSF 5394(C44-9W)

    630pm East Maryhill, WA S-TCBCHI5(Stack-Tacoma Blair Terminal,WA-Chicago,IL Corwith Yard) BNSF 819(C40-8W) CSXT 584(AC6000CW)

    648pm Biggs, OR UGLSE(Unit train other then grain or coal Gilliam,OR-Seattle, WA)
    UP 4486(SD70M), UP 4420(SD70M)

    705pm Biggs, OR OT5EO(Unit train other then grain or coal Terminal 5 Portland, OR-Eastport(CP), ID) UP 6559(C44ACCTE), CEFX 121(SD90-43MAC)

    730pm North Dalles, WA Z-PTLCHC2-20A(LTL/UPS Portland,OR-Chicago,IL Cicero Yard)
    BNSF 112(GP60M), BNSF 328(GP60B), BNSF 104(GP60M), BNSF 8615(B40-8)

    725am North Dalles,WA Z-PTLCHC1-21A(LTL/UPS Portland,OR-Chicago,IL Cicero Yard)
    BNSF 751(C44-9W), 5252(C44-9W), BNSF 4506(C44-9W)

    757am Avery, WA Amtrak # 27(Chicago,IL-Portland,OR Empire Builder)
    AMTK 165(P42-9BWH) 4 cars

    825am Avery, WA M-PTLPAS1-21A(Manifest-Portland,OR-Pasco,WA)
    BNSF 4186(C44-9W), BNSF 7809(SD40-2), NREX 227(ex-QNS&L SD40-2), EMD 9002(SD60), BNSF 7048(SD40-2)

    837am Avery, WA V-HYDPTL1-20(Vehichle-Hauser Yard,ID-Portland,OR)
    FURX 8103(SD40-2), NREX 6454(SD45-2)

    901am Wishram,WA M-PASINB1-21A(Manifest-Pasco,WA-Seattle,WA Interbay Yard)
    FURX 8124(SD40-2), BNSF 6304(SD40), BNSF 6774(SD40-2), BNSF 3144(GP50), BNSF 3441(SW1000)

    902am Celilo, OR ISEG3(Intermodal-Seattle,WA-Global 3,IL)
    UP 4205(SD70M), FURX 7122(SD40-2), SP 8674(SD45R), UP 9644(C44-9W)

    910am Wishram,WA U-INBROO1-19A(Unit train other then grain or coal Seattle,WA Interbay Yard-Roosevelt,WA) BNSF 3029(GP40M), BNSF 2742(GP39E), BNSF 1522(GP28M), BNSF 3018(GP40M)

    914am Wishram WA M-TACPAS1-20A(Manifest-Tacoma,WA-Pasco,WA)
    BNSF 8022(SD40-2), BNSF 8076(SD40-2), BNSF 7317(SD40-2), NS 3403(ex-Conrail SD40-2)

    935am Wishram WA M-PASVAW1-21A(Manifest-Pasco,WA-Vancouver,WA)
    BNSF 5054(C44-9W), BNSF 9297(Experimental Heritage 1 Scheme SD60M)

    945am Wishram, WA M-RRBVAW1-18A(Manifest-Riverbank,CA-Vancouver,WA)
    BNSF 4148(C44-9W), FURX 7259(SD40-2), NREX 9328(ex-SP SD45T-2), UP 4337(SD70M), BNSF 6340(SD40-2), BNSF 6935(SD40-2), BNSF 1438(GP10), MRL 257(SD40-2XR)

    1000am Fallbridge, WA H-BARPAS1-18A(High Priority Manifest Barstow,CA-Pasco,WA)
    BNSF 5253(C44-9W), BNSF 1370(GP7u), BNSF 4036(C44-9W), BNSF 4624(C44-9W), BNSF 4574(C44-9W), NREX 258(ex-QNS&L SD40-2), FURX 7247(SD40-2), BNSF 6748(SD40-2)

    1020am Fallbridge, WA U-EVEROO1-20A(Unit train other then grain or coal Everett,WA-Roosevelt,WA) BNSF 2829(GP39E), BN 2290(GP38-2), BNSF 2084(GP38-2), BNSF 2751(GP39E)

    1036am Wishram, WA M-EVEPAS2-20A(Manifest-Everett,WA-Pasco,WA 2nd Section)
    BNSF 5078(C44-9W), BNSF 950(C41-8W), BNSF 520(B40-8W), BNSF 5147(C44-9W)

    1054am Wishram, WA H-EVEPAS8-20A(High Priority Manifest-Everett,WA-Pasco,WA Critical Arrival) BNSF 4345(C44-9W), BNSF 7033(SD40-2), BNSF 7326(SD40-2), NREX 5090(ex-UP SD50)

    1135am Biggs,OR QHKRV-21(High Priority Manifest-Hinkle,OR-Roseville,CA)
    UP 3798(SD70M, UP 5702(C44ACCTE), UP 5848(C44ACCTE) DPU's UP 4579(SD70M), UP 7098(C44ACCTE)

    1149am Biggs, OR MSEHK-20(Manifest-Seattle,WA-Hinkle,OR)
    UP 3284(SD40-2), UP 3750(SD40-2), UP 8702(SD40T-2), UP 4753(SD70M), UP 9812(C44-9W), UP 7015(C44ACCTE)

    1149am West Maryhill, WA G-SPLTAC9-16A(Grain Shuttle-Split Rock,MN-Tacoma,WA)
    BNSF 4697(C44-9W), BNSF 886(C40-8W) DPU's BNSF 5305(C44-9W), BNSF 5320(C44-9W)

    1225pm Biggs, OR MHKSE-21(Manifest-Hinkle,OR-Seattle,WA)
    UP 9362(C40-8W), UP 3180(SD40-2)

    1234pm West Maryhill,WA S-TCPCHI3-20A(Stack-Tacoma Pierce County Terminal-Chicago,IL Corwith Yard Extra) BNSF 582(B40-8W), BNSF 6706(SD40-2), FURX 8108(SD40-2)

    115pm Maryhill,WA F-VAWSPO7-20(Foreign-Vancouver,WA-Spokane,WA Extra) (Grain Mty)
    CEFX 116(SD90-43MAC), UP 7568(Ac6000CW), CEFX 126(SD90-43MAC)

    332pm Celilo, OR IPDG1(Intermodal-Portland,OR-Global 1,IL)
    UP 4704(SD70M, UP 3983(SD70M), UP 4158(SD70M)

    345pm Wishram M-PASINB2-21A(Manifest-Pasco,WA-Seattle,WA Interbay Yard 2nd Section)
    BNSF 8027(SD40-2), BNSF 990(C44-9W), BNSF 2162(GP38-2)

    400pm Wishram M-PASLYD1-21A(Manifest-Pasco,WA-Portland,OR Lake Yard)
    BNSF 3006(GP40M), BNSF 3152(GP50)

    404pm Celilo, OR MRVHK(Manifest-Roseville,CA-Hinkle,OR via BNSF Oregon Trunk Sub)
    UP 5714(C44ACCTE), UP 5723(C44ACCTE), UP 5763(C44ACCTE)

    745am The Dalles, OR KGNKR6(Priority Intermodal-Global Gateway North-Kearney, NJ)
    UP 5050(SD70M), UP 4479(SD70M), UP 4303(SD70M), UP 4286(SD70M)

    800am The Dalles, OR MEUHK-21(Manifest-Eugene,OR-Hinkle,OR)
    UP 3159(SD40-2), UP 2318(SD60M)

    835am Wishram, WA M-PASVAW1-22(Manifest-Pasco,WA-Vancouver,WA)
    BNSF 905((C41-9W), EMD 9050(SD60)

    904am Wishram, WA Z-CHCPTL(LTL/UPS-Chicago,IL Cicero Yard-Portland,OR)
    BNSF 4074(C44-9W), BNSF 4996(C44-9W), BNSF 7921(SD40-2)

    930am Celilo, OR MPDHK-21(Manifest-Portland,OR-Hinkle,OR)
    UP 6677(C44ACCTE), UP 2767(ex-SP SD45P)

    934am Wishram,WA G-???TAC(Grain Shuttle from ??? to Tacoma,WA)
    BNSF 1020(C44-9W), BNSF 7826(SD40-2), BNSF 4927(C44-9W), NS 9239(C40-9W)

    1000am Wishram,WA U-ROOEVE(unit train other then grain or coal Roosevelt,WA-Everett,WA)
    BNSF 3196(GP50), BNSF 3149(GP50), BNSF 2899(GP39L), BNSF 3143(GP50)

    1016am Celilo, OR GSKAET-20(Grain Shuttle(mty)-Kalama,WA-Eastport,ID)
    CEFX 106(SD90-43MAC), UP 7571(AC6000CW), UP 6398 ex-SP AC4400CW)

    1041am The Dalles, OR QPDNP(High Priority Manifest-Portland,OR-North Platte,NE)
    UP 6616(C44ACCTE), UP 5845(C44ACCTE)

    1135am Home Valley, WA M-TACPAS1-21A(Manifest-Tacoma,WA-Pasco,WA)
    BNSF2851(GP39E), BNSF 6860(SD40-2), BNSF 963(C44-9W), BNSF 8702(GP60), BNSF 5342(C44-9W), ICE 203(ex-Conrail SD40-2)

    1220pm Cooks,WA U-AUBROO3-20A(unit train other then grain or coal Auburn,WA-Roosevelt,WA Extra)CSXT 437(AC4400CW), CSXT 50(AC4400CW) (Thanks Gregg and Kyle Pohll for this info!)

    123pm Vancouver, WA IAPSE-17(Intermodal APL Chicago,IL-Seattle,WA)
    UP 3797(SD70M), UP 9414(C40-8W), UP 5129(SD70M)

    143pm Vancouver, WA B-PTLCHC1-22A(Baretable Intermodal-Portland,OR-Chicago,IL Cicero Yard)Light Power BNSF 7044(SD40-2), BNSF 6865(SD40-2)

    236pm Vancouver, WA M-PASINB1-21A(Manifest Pasco,WA-Seattle,WA Interbay Yard)
    NS 2625(SD70M), BNSF 1068(C44-9W)

    400pm Vancouver, WA X-PSAHAS3-20A(Grain Empty-Puget Sound and Pacific Railroad Centralia,WA-Hastings,NE Extra) BNSF 991(C44-9W), NS 8396(C41-8W)

    Photo is the Z-PTLCHC2-20A at North Dalles, WA
    Drew Mitchem
    3 Blocks from the BNSF Gallup Sub, the Transcon!
    Milan, NM

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    Don'tcha love computers? No worries Drew I don't think anyone thinks you deleted all their photos on purpose... thanks for re-posting the trip report though!

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    Thanks for reposting the line-up Drew. It was one of the things I ment to save in the folder that holds the rest of my pictures from that weekend.

    BTW - I'm glad you found this out before me
    - Rosco

    RailroadForums.com Moderator

    - Trackside-Photography.com -

    - My Railpictures.net -

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    Default garbage train background ??

    Quote Originally Posted by amtrak34east
    252pm North Dalles,WA U-ROOEVE1-20A(Unit train other then grain or coal Roosevelt,WA-Everett,WA) BNSF 3143(GP50), BNSF 2899(GP39E), BNSF 3149(GP50), BNSF 3196(GP50)

    Thanks for re-posting the line-up Drew...

    This is an excellent resource that I have copied over to my "GorgeRail2005" folder on my machine with all my images from that awesome weekend.

    This train listed above was my first ever "Garbage Train", with a power consist typically seen down here in So-Calif for the slab train, (a LA Harbor to Kaiser run using special railcars with (typically) four axle power exclusively). I caught it at Doug's Beach, not realizing that it was NOT a stack train until it was passing, if you know what I mean.... ??

    I am curious, does anyone know where the trash goes from Roosevelt, how gets there and such... I'd like to have some of the background info on it as I am using one of my images of this train for my June 2005 postcard mailing and I would prefer to have some interesting info, besides "This is a garbage train."

    Whose trash is it anyways... ??

    Whose is the trash hauled by the UP ?? On our morning railfan blitz east, we were able to catch the UP trash train as they shoved into a siding or interchange track were the UP drops the train off. I don't recall the station name, but I think it is just about opposite of Roosevelt. I am thinking Livingston, or similar.

    Anything is appreciated about the trash trains (or are they garbage trains ??) ...

    Thanks !!
    jeff from costa mesa, california
    trackside photographer
    "my photography is my elixir..."

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