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Thread: BNSF in Flagstaff, AZ REPORT

  1. Default BNSF in Flagstaff, AZ REPORT

    Today we decided to leave our hotel room in Scottsdale, AZ around 10am and head up north for a 2 hour drive to Flagstaff,AZ. It took a little longer than two hours because of an accident on I-17. Anyways we got into Flagstaff around 1:30 PM and did not have to wait long on the BNSF Seligman Sub. I noticed an over abundance of NS power running on the BNSF. I do not have symbols in my report so I will list the trains as Eastbound or Westbound. Heres the report.

    Flagstaff, AZ Amtrak Station

    1:40 PM---EB Stack Train
    BNSF 5296
    CN 5648
    BNSF 51??
    NS Dash 9

    1:50 PM---WB Stack Train
    BNSF 5222
    NS 9879

    2:05 PM---WB Stack Train
    BNSF 5002
    ATSF Warbonnet
    BN SD40-2
    BNSF D-9
    NS D-9

    2:35 PM---WB Stack Train
    BNSF 4333
    BNSF 4481
    BNSF 5086

    3:05 PM---EB Stack Train
    BNSF 4805
    BNSF 1051
    BNSF 8213
    BNSF 951

    3:10 PM---WB Mixed Freight
    BNSF 4628
    BNSF 4909
    BNSF 4575
    BN 7853
    ATSF 2592

    3:15 PM---EB Grain Train
    BNSF 5301
    NS 9253
    CSX 7869

    3:50 PM---EB Stack Train
    NS 9186
    BNSF 107-GP60M
    BNSF 515

    4:23 PM---WB Stack Train
    BNSF 4491
    BNSF 5455
    BNSF 4980
    BNSF 1052

    5:05 PM---EB Stack Train
    BNSF 4679
    BNSF 599
    BNSF 5201

    5:10 PM---EB Stack Train
    BNSF 4604
    BNSF 4308
    NS 9690
    BNSF 115-GP60M

    5:15 PM---WB Stack Train
    CSX 98
    CSX 148
    BNSF 4472
    BNSF 4679

    5:30 PM---EB Stack Train with Autoracks on head end
    UP 4116
    UP 4243
    UP 4194
    UP 5123
    UP 1811-B40-8?

    5:40 PM---EB Stack Train
    BNSF 4776
    BNSF 5097
    NS Primer SD70M
    3 other BNSF D-9's

    5:45 PM---WB Stack Train
    BNSF 4788
    BNSF 1081
    BNSF SD40-2

    *Overall it was an excellent day out on the BNSF Seligman Sub. I have plenty of pictures to put online when I get home.
    Ryan Parent

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    Sounds like you had lots of trains. When I was there in 02 we saw 10 Trains in 2 Hours.

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    I have plenty of pictures to put online when I get home.
    Please be sure that one of your pictures makes into the Rails Around the World feature in the Gallery!
    Foamer in Training

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    Thats a good chunk of trains for 2 hours!! And Claudia I will be sure to put all my photos on here. Wont be until this Friday when I get back.

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