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Thread: San Francisco to New York in 1886

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    Default San Francisco to New York in 1886

    Hello, I'm looking for assistance with a book that I'm writing.

    Short version, I'm looking for information about trains traveling from San Francisco to New York in 1886.

    I'm stuck in a chase between two characters, and I'm trying to work out the timelines that would allow a cross country chase to happen.

    Can anyone help - direct me towards any suitable reference material?

    Many thanks


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    Welcome aboard. I suggest you research railroad timetables for the period of your book. For starters, here are timetables for the Overland Route (Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroads) from San Francisco to Omaha, NB.

    Your characters can take the Chicago & Northwestern, CB&Q, or Rock Island Railroads to get from Omaha to Chicago. The fastest trains from Chicago to New York City were those of the Pennsylvania and the New York Central Railroads.
    Bill Anderson, Mile Post 18 regular

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    Wow - that was very quick and very informative. Many thanks for your assistance!

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