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Thread: Quickie at Bahia with a UP Autorack

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    Default Quickie at Bahia with a UP Autorack

    Thanks for watching! As always please feel free to leave feedback on areas for improvement or where I am doing well.
    -Alex Wilson

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    Good video. The composition is good as the hills in the background look like a model railroad layout. I lived in Sacramento for over ten years and I know the hills won't stay green for much longer. Between you and Itsed65 we are getting some good looks at the East Bay.

    I really like the way you vary the shots as the auto rack passes by. Looking at each and every car of a long train from the same, fixed position can get boring. Your capture of the Doppler effect of the horns at the crossing is something I haven't heard much in videos.
    Bill Anderson, Mile Post 18 regular

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    Thanks Bill. I noticed a lot of railfans who video trains at crossings tend to stay put on the road. I prefer to walk up about 20ft or so, but of course staying off railroad property and well back from the tracks whenever possible.
    -Alex Wilson

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