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Thread: NTSB to Determine Cause of Roswell, New Mexico Rail Accident

  1. Default NTSB to Determine Cause of Roswell, New Mexico Rail Accident


    ​WASHINGTON (Feb. 8, 2018) — The National Transportation Safety Board will meet to determine the probable cause of an accident involving two freight trains in Roswell, New Mexico in 2015; the board will also issue safety recommendations aimed at preventing similar accidents in the future.

    This looks like another misaligned track switch train collision.

    When: March 13, 2018

    Webcast: A link to the webcast will be available shortly before the start of the meeting at


    Source Link:


    ​Preliminary Report DCA15MR008

    On Tuesday, April 28, 2015, at about 06:23 a.m. mountain daylight time, westbound Southwestern Railroad (SWRR) freight train MCLOCRL 127A with 9 locomotives and 79 cars collided with standing SWRR train LSWC-002127I, the Roswell local, on the Carlsbad Division near Dexter, New Mexico. Train MCLOCRL 127A struck the Roswell Local after traveling through a misaligned switch at the east end of Chisum siding, where the Roswell local had previously worked.


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    I once talked to an engineer who told me about a problem with misaligned switches after the BN merger back in the early 70's. To align a switch for the "straight" position, one pre-merger railroad's switches were thrown "up" while another pre-merger railroad's switches were thrown "down." This could cause a conductor or brakeman to mis-align a switch if he was working on a train that was operating on pre-merger trackage that used a switch pattern opposite of what he was used to.
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