Compact collection of nostalgic clips from this summer, autumn and already winter (please set to 1080p/fullscreen mode):

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- 750 mm Saxon class IV K 99 1542 making a unique guest appearance for three weekends in summer on the Austrian 760 mm narrow gauge Ybbstalbahn Bergstrecke heritage line including trestlework bridges very rare in Central Europe, July 30.

- Vienna Prater Liliputbahn, October 15 (mostly diesel scenes, as I took photos of the steamer).

- 93.1420 of Verein Neue Landesbahn on the Kaltenleutgebner Bahn - an abandoned branch line from Vienna Liesing station through Perchtoldsdorf in Lower Austria to Waldmühle. Runs on November 12 and December 3 supposed to promote revival of the railway. An Amercian school bus connected to the local Christmas market (the intended London Routemaster had had an accident and was out of service).

- 498.104 "Albatros" on its yearly international run from Veselí nad Moravou (Czechia) via Myjava (Slovakia), this time as a big loop from/to Bratislava in one day - so sadly not that many photo opportunities on the picturesque diesel line as the years before. Luckily, wintery conditions prevailed on December 2, and the sun made it through the fog.