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Thread: Niles Canyon Railway Southern Pacific SP 9010 the ONLY Krauss-Maffei Munchen left

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    momagna Guest

    Default Niles Canyon Railway Southern Pacific SP 9010 the ONLY Krauss-Maffei Munchen left

    NCRY or the Pacific Locomotive Association (PLA) owns the ONLY Krauss-Maffei there is left in the world. There were only 15 of these German built engines in the entire world......

    Niles Canyon Railway is located in Sunol, California and is an all volunteer organization that leases land from Alameda County (near San Francisco, CA).

    Come visit us at www.ncry.org

    and here to donate to keep up with the work already being done to complete her so she will operate fully once again....

    DONATE here please note on any checks "Donate to SP 9010 "


    I am a volunteer at NCRY and would like to present to rail fans all over the world what a special engine she is!

    Her facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Southern-Pa...6409164738195/

    Her web page make sure to check her Old pictures out versus her new ones!

    Her stats from her page....

    Builder Krauss-Maffei Munchen (Munich, West Germany)
    Model ML4000C'C'
    Builders Number 19106
    Date Built March, 1964
    Cost New $492,403.00
    Retired 9/18/1968 on account of #9 piston and liner damage.
    Original Number 9010 (1964 to 1965) (SP class DF-801)
    Final Number 9113 (System Renumbering in 1965, changed to SP class KF636-1)
    Engine (2) Maybach MD870
    Horsepower 2000 @ 1600rpm (each engine)
    Transmission (2) Voith L830rU (with hydrodynamic brake capability)
    Weight 344,000 pounds in working order.
    Length 67' 7 5/8"
    Height 15' 9 3/4"
    Width 10' 11 1/16"
    Fuel Capacity 4200 Gallons

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    momagna Guest


    So far I have been unable to post my pictures as they might be to large... Come here and look at a forum I posted them on .......

    I am momagna on SBR also

    Several threads there type Railroad in the search box...


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