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Thread: Electric Train power backup?

  1. Default Electric Train power backup?

    Hi, I was wondering if there are systems in place in the event of a large scale power outage or blackout, for electric trains to get their power and continue running apart from the grid?


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    There is none on any system I'm aware. Battery technology is not yet up to the required energy storage and lugging around a diesel engine and fuel supply in the rare event a system outage occurs is just moving dead weight.

    That said, I do know that some light rail trains do have a 'limp mode' battery backup that can carry short trains a limited distance, if only to get out the way of street traffic and offload passengers at the next stop.

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    Exactly. NO power they are stuck until a diesel can come rescue them. That includes most lighting and all heating/air conditioning being gone. Battery provides lighting for a number of hours. On our diesel commuter we have 16 hours of battery backup for lights in the cars

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