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Thread: Info on railroad collectors item!

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    Default Info on railroad collectors item!

    Not sure if this is the right website to do this? All I need is a bit of info from someone who knows what they're talking about, because I'm having no luck! My husband is retiring in a little while, he's an engineer for CPRail. I bought a lantern and I just need some information. The person I bought it from didn't know much about it. I can attach photos of it. All I want to know is the approx years it was used. (Eg. 1950's) and an approx value. Any info will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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    We may have some folks here that can help, I'm not certain.

    The most authoritative website I know of for this stuff is "Key, Lock and Lantern" http://klnl.org/

    I can't really tell the year of it. As for value, they seem to be going in the $100 range these days unless they're rare, but that's only a ballpark. You have the CPR markings on the globe, so that's good. It also looks like it may have been painted, that detracts from the value.
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    If you're on Facebook, post these same pictures and question on the Railroad and Railway Lantern Collectors group page. Those guys probably know more about antique railroad lanterns than the lantern manufacturers ever did. At first glance, yours is a fairly typical kerosene short globe" trainman's lantern. Looks like the lid is marked, you've got a full-weight glass globe that has the railroad initials cast in, the exhaust vent/dome is bit taller, and isn't flat or "bald", which usually means its a bit older, and you've got the variation with the wooden handle or "bail", so I'd say, at first glance, you picked a good one.

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