So it looks like the BNSF is hiring at Interbay in Seattle for a Crane/Equipment Operator/Stocker. Can anybody expand on what exactly this job entails, in a little more real-world detail than the job announcement? Like, what is the work typically in a day, how are the benefits, how much OT is required, what are the hours, etc.? Am I likely to be furloughed soon after I start, like the last conductor class was? Does anyone know if it's easy to transfer over to train crew (internally) when they might not be flying a job announcement to the real-world? How often does this happen? Any interview tips? I've wanted to work for the BN for years, but never really had the opportunity until recently. I want to make sure it's the right decision before leaving a mostly decent job.

Any information and advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.