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Thread: LONG SHOT Loco details request

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    Could anyone please suggest an id for a Copper Basin loco #307. Sorry, but no sighting details recalled other than that it would have been in one of the only states that I have thus far visited. Viz. AZ, FL, GA, NC, SC, TN, TX.
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    Copper Basin is an Arizona Shortline. From Wikipedia:

    The Copper Basin Railway is an Arizona short-line railroad that operates from a connection with the Union Pacific Railroad at Magma to Winkelman, in 54 miles of length.

    I am pretty sure their engines don't venture off line, so you probably saw it in Arizona. It seems like a lot of folks visit them in Magma.

    As for #307, the roster I found via Google doesn't show a #307. Could it be #207?


    Bob Harbison
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    Do an internet search using "Copper Basin Railroad." You will find links to several railroad oriented websites that feature the Copper Basin Railroad and its locomotives.
    Bill Anderson, Mile Post 18 regular

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    Thanks Bob. I had already googled this loco without success, but have no way of knowing whether I mis-read the number at the time. We did drive from Globe to Phoenix in June 1991, so were in the right area. I did note 202, 206, 207, 302, 401, 403 separately, so guess 307 will have to remain a mystery. Guess the heat got to this poor ol' limey!

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    Thanks Bill. I should have pointed out that it can be safely assumed that I will have tried internet search and Google, before posting my queries. That's why some of them are real long shots , and/or possibly misreads. (:-)

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