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Thread: From New York to Forest City, IA, in 1902

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    Question From New York to Forest City, IA, in 1902

    I am doing genealogywork on my norwegian-american family.
    My granduncle immigrated to America in 1902.
    An old letter tells us his story about how he got alle the way from Norway to Thompson, IA.

    I am working on writing a family book, and I try to find out all the details about his travel with the railroad.

    The information I have is the following:

    Sept 8th 1902, Monday: Left New York by train 11 PM.
    Sept 9th 1902, Tuesday: Arrived Buffalo,NY, at 12 noon. Changed train for Chicago, IL.
    Sept 10th 1902, Wednesday: Arrived Chicago at 8 AM. Stayed in Chicago to 4 PM, then back on the train.
    Then he writes that they changed trains several times.
    They were left on a railroadstation where they were from 3 AM to 1230 PM.
    The final destination was Forest City, IA.

    My questions is:
    - Where did he change trains?
    - How was the complete route?
    - On what railroadstation did he stay over night before going to Forest City?
    - Any pictures of the trains he may have travelled with?
    - Any pictures of the Forest City railroadstation about 1902?

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    I'd suggest starting by researching New York Central timetables of the era and see if you find a match. New York to Buffalo sounds like New York Central. However... They changed trains in Buffalo, so that makes me wonder. Seems like they could have had a through train on the New York Central. Maybe they used some other route. In that era, there were likely several options.
    Bob Harbison
    RailroadForums.com Host

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