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Thread: Questions about working for CN in western Canada

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    Default Questions about working for CN in western Canada

    My boyfriend recently got a job with CN and I'm curious about the time off policy..

    I know he gets some rest after each yard and road shift. How long are road shifts?
    Are EDOs the same as vacation days? Or are they different?
    Is it possible for him to know he will have two days off in a row when on the spare board?

    I've heard all the horror stories of conductors never knowing when they will work next or have a day off and I'm worried about what that means as far as us having time together...

    Also, I've heard about the education benefit.. does that apply to immediate family as well and is there a limit??

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    Feel free to have him or yourself email me.


    I can answer all your questions in better time and more detail.
    I work in western Canada so I should be able to answer most of them.

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