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Thread: New Railfan Eastern Nebraska

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    Default New Railfan Eastern Nebraska


    Hi to everyone. Just getting started railfanning. I live in Plattsmouth, Ne. and took some local video recently as there are a few good spots. Its fun so far. If anyone nearby wants to get together feel free to contact me as it would be nice to meet some friends. Thanks for reading! Robert.

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    Welcome aboard. I love photos of Plattsmouth and its railroad bridge that have been taken by the Omaha Posse. With autumn in the air, the leaves should be changing soon for some beautiful shots of the area.
    Bill Anderson, Mile Post 18 regular

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    Thanks Bill. I was at the bridge on Sunday and there is a nice hill that I think you could climb up and get shots at almost train level. I havent done it yet but may try soon.

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    Ever shot big UP steam? 844 will be heading thru Kansas and Missouri this month. You should try to catch that. Details on UP's website.

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    No never have, actually never have seen any steam engines anywhere. New to this so I will check out UP's site. Thanks.

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    Welcome RailfanRP. I have and will continue to spend many hours in the Plattsmouth area. Oreapolis is great spot either from Beach Road or the sand crossing on the east end. Personally I like the sand crossing because the road dead ends and there is very little or no traffic after they close the quarry gate. I've heard that the guys at the trucking company get upset if you are at the Beach Rd crossing, but I never had any issues there. I would like to try the hill on the Iowa side of the Missouri River bridge. I think the last time I was there was 1983. Cullom is good also. That is 72nd St and the tracks. Only accessable from the south. Somebody spell accessable. Tom
    Tom Zorko
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    Hi CGW101c,

    Interesting you brought up those spots. I just went to the dirt road by the quarry entrance Monday and had no issues. I also drove up the road to Oreapolis under the overpass and that looks to be a GREAT spot but I was out of time Monday. Plan to go there maybe this afternoon but if not definitely soon. If you ever want to meet up shoot me a message. Thanks.

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