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Thread: Hello from Houston, TX/Ruston, LA

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    Default Hello from Houston, TX/Ruston, LA

    The name is Helm on the internet. Why? I read a book when I was a kid on Pearl Harbor and the name USS HELM stuck in my head. Only ship underway in the harbor itself when the attack began.

    I'll be attending LA Tech in Ruston, LA next week (civil engineering) and I'd like to explore the rail network in Northern Lousiana. I was interested in railroads in my younger days, but it's come back now that I'll be away from the water. Lived in Houston for 15 years, and when I get the chance I go to the Ship Channel or Bolivar Roads to photograph shipping. Sadly, no large vessels are near Ruston so trains will have to do.

    If it's fast, masses more than a Prius, and is made predominately of metal, I'm interested.

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    Welcome aboard. A shortline in northern Louisiana will soon be completed.
    Bill Anderson, Mile Post 18 regular

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    The L&NW, (Louisiana & North West railroad is down the road from you in Gibsland, LA; also the marker where Bonnie & Clyde were killed is not far from there.

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