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Thread: Camera/Tripod Shaking! How can I fix it?

  1. Exclamation Camera/Tripod Shaking! How can I fix it?

    I just bought a new tripod (Velbon EF-61) to try to fix the problem, thinking it was because of my old tripod, but when I went out for the first time to test it today, I didn't see any improvement. My camera is a Canon Vixia HF R600. Could it be that my camera is more sensitive to vibrations? Here's a link to the video:


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    I think it's the camera. Is there a vibration reduction setting(VR on a Nikon). The ground shakes a bunch when a train goes by. Also I can hear the wind blowing, all of which are vibration factors. To test you could shorten the legs and try another video or dig the feet down in the ground a bit. The other thing is to hang something heavy towards the bottom of the tripod to hold the feet solid. You could drill a 1/4 hole in the roof of the car and bolt the camera to the car, no no that's too extreme. Tom
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    It appears to be wind or vibration from the passing train. Vibration you won't be able to do much about other than move away more unless you have vibration reduction as Tom mentioned (Nikon VR or Canon IS are examples). For wind, the simple solution is to hang a weight (backpack, etc) from the tripod.
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