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Thread: International Photographers: Please List a Country

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    Default International Photographers: Please List a Country

    While most photos posted in Rail Forums are taken in North America, there are many interesting photos taken in other parts of the world. When posting international photos, whether in the Forum or the Photo Gallery, please state the country where the photo was taken.

    It is very frustrating to come across a photo that includes a town or landmark in the label, but no country. While the photographer may be familiar with the location, others living half a world away may not. Since the language of Railroad Forums is English, it would be very helpful if the country's name be written in English. Some country's names are easily translated into English, some are not. Most readers can figure out that Brasil = Brazil, but only a Mandarin speaker like me would know the Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo = the People's Republic of China.

    For photos taken in North America, please list a state or province in the location. Most of us residing in the US and Canada know that Horseshoe Curve is in Pennsylvania, but someone living in Europe, South America, or Australia may not.
    Bill Anderson, Mile Post 18 regular

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    Also note that when post in the forum, you can find the international section here:

    There are various "International" categories in the photo gallery, typically one per general section.
    Bob Harbison
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