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Thread: What is a good slide converter?

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    Default What is a good slide converter?

    I have several boxes of Kodachrome slides I took in the 80s that I want to copy to a flash drive before they get ruined.

    Any help/guidance on best/easiest converters is greatly appreciated!

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    There is recent post "Questions about Slides" that explains a bunch of things and gives a few examples of slide scanners. I use a Canon 5600F works pretty good. The Canon 8800 has been suggested along with a Wolverine brand. Depends on 2 things and how much you want to spend and how good do you want them to look when you are done. I am happy with just having them saved with resonable quality. If I won the lottery I would have them all done professionally, which last time I looked was about a dollar a slide. Tom
    Tom Zorko
    "She was a tall girl, could hunt geese with a rake"...Sheldon's mom

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    This is what I have; $76 at Best Buy:

    It's not perfect, but you can scan a large number of slides fairly quickly. Here's an example of its scan of an Agfachrome slide from 1968:

    Jeff Jacobs
    Vancouver WA / Phoenix AZ

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    I had one of those for while too. But the index spring broke and the slide carrier wouldn't sit in the right place but it did work pretty good.
    Tom Zorko
    "She was a tall girl, could hunt geese with a rake"...Sheldon's mom

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