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Thread: Taking a ride on a restored classic- Burlington Route's Nebraska Zephyr

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    Default Taking a ride on a restored classic- Burlington Route's Nebraska Zephyr

    I've been watching a few videos on . These videos don't look all that old to me (just a year or two old at the most). How does one go about getting a ride on one of these restored classic trains, such as this one?
    Thank you

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    Most of these specials are announced in advance and tickets sell fast. Note the information provided in the videos you are watching, such as the train's location and sponsor, then do an internet search to find out more about the train and future rides.

    I suggest you add your location to either your public profile or signature line, which may help others responding to your questions.
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    Not sure where you located. The Nebraska Zephyr is at the Illinois Railroad Museum and takes trips on the museum trackage. If I remember right, you can ride not only on the train but in the engine cab for an extra fee. It goes fast for as short as the tracks are. TZ
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