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Thread: New FRA Crossing app for smartphones.

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    Default New FRA Crossing app for smartphones.

    Taken from the FRA's webpage itself (Link: http://www.fra.dot.gov/Page/P0703).

    Rail Crossing Locator Mobile Application
    The Crossing Locator was developed to provide users with access to the highway-rail grade crossing database and map features from a mobile device. The tool allows users to locate crossings by USDOT Crossing ID, address or geo-location; access inventory records submitted by states and railroads; and view accident history.

    iPad and iPhone with Locator App and link to the App StoreUsers can also select from multiple base map features and identify railroad crossings by special characteristics. Users may also use the app to find and call the Emergency Notification Number (ENS) in case of an emergency or a safety concern about a specific highway-rail grade crossing. The information accessed in the mobile application is derived from the Safety Data website using information submitted by States and Railroads.

    The Crossing Locator App is currently available for your Apple and Android Devices.

    Download it from The Apple APP Store. (Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rail...643005214?mt=8)

    Download it from The Google Play Store. (Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...a.RailCrossing)

    Interesting. I may have to download it just to see what it's like.
    Nathan "Jurgy" Jurgensen

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    neat find. let us know what you think.
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    I use this app, its very cool. I travel pretty often and when you see tracks its pretty easy to find who the owner is by using this app. I'll be in the middle of no where and have no clue who's tracks are the ones I'm passing by, and there are no active grade crossings to see the sign, this app helps. Otherwise it's not that great.

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    I find the accident reports are interesting. Especially the ones that say stuff about drivers talking on cell phones and stuff

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