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Thread: Elkhorn Inn, West Virginia

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    Default Elkhorn Inn, West Virginia

    I couldn't find a forum section for this, so I'll stick it here. If I missed the section where it's more appropriate, please move it, and thanks.


    It's located on the West Virginia Coal Heritage Trail.

    (I have no affiliation with this or any related organization.)

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    I moved the thread to the West Virginia section of the Railfan Hot Spots forum. The address of the inn is 30767 Coal Heritage Road, Landgraff Eckman, WV, 24829. The website has a raifan section which gives info that would be of interest to a railfan.

    Has anyone stayed here or railfanned the area?
    Bill Anderson, Mile Post 18 regular

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    Thanks for moving post to where it belongs; we're in the GA "mountains" and the thin air etc., etc.

    The only trip we've made in WV is the "New Tygart Flyer" from Elkins. Nice trip through beautiful scenery. Didn't see any freight trains in that area.



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