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Thread: ELECTRONICS QUESTION: Light sensor makes RR clock silent at night

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    Default ELECTRONICS QUESTION: Light sensor makes RR clock silent at night

    At a garage sale a railroad-themed quartz clock was given to me.

    Every daylight hour it sounds distorted train sounds: choo-choo, bell, etc. (Now I know why they got rid of it!)

    Also, a mee-mool light (o)T(o) on the face flashes.

    I removed the speaker. Mee-mool light still flashes but not after dark. I want it to flash on every hour.

    If I short the light detector, will that represent daylight and the (o)T(o) flashes?

    Or should that detector lead be opened?

    Thank you.
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    It's hard to tell as they can be made to work either way. try this: attach some test wire across the leads of the sensor and see it that works. If it doesn't, remove the test wire and clip/cut one of the sensor leads. One almost has to work. Let us know.
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