Norfolk Southern's M-Line branches off of the DC-Atlanta main in High Point, NC and runs south to Asheboro. From High Point, take US-311 south to US-220. Then, go south on 220. After about 10 minutes, you'll reach Asheboro. There are, however, quite a few good railfanning spots between the two cities.

Most of these locations are places I would feel perfectly safe railfanning alone. My personal favorite is in the town of Trinity. It is on Tobacco Road, adjacent to the intersection of Tobacco Rd. and Edgar Rd. There, you can catch southbounds coming out of the woods and going through the middle of a field. There is a nice little spot to pull off the road, and even some trees to provide shade.

Trains on this line depart from the High Point yard twice a day: one at around 9:00 am and another at around 5:00 pm. They usually have 2 locomotives and approximately 20 cars.

I hesitate to call this a "HotSpot" as there are only two trains per day, but it is close to High Point where you can visit the DC-Atlanta main line. I'll discuss that in another thread, though. The M-Line is good, however, if you want to follow one train around.

Pictures to come soon.