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Thread: DM & E Sale?

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    Default DM & E Sale?

    Has anyone heard a rumor regarding CP selling DM & E to BNSF?
    Jeff Van Leuvan


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    No but that would be interesting to say the least. My hometown in North Iowa is on the old Milwaukee Road line to Sheldon 20 miles from Mason City.

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    Well, that would eliminate DME as a potential competitor to the basin (if that were even an option still). Aside from that, I'm not sure what BNSF would do with it.

    If past history is any indication, and with EHH at the helm of CP, I would think they'd be looking to add lines and not subtact them. If anything, I'd see a possible play for KCS.


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    Dm & E sold to CP, deal was finalized last year. As of right now the plans for moving into the coal fields are on hold. Dm&E abandoned the idea after local towns fought against the increased train traffic. Now the demand from coal is dropping and the push for the coal fields is not as important as it was 10 years ago. I asked a few of the people I know that work out of Huron here, they said there is nothing about BNSF buy the DM&E lines. They are improving bad track sections so they can share parts of the lines with BNSF. Sounds more like to me they are making plans to share track in case of other tracks in the area being down. they could reroute onto DM&E line for the detour. Dm&E and BNSF do alot together around this part of the Dakota's even before CP bought them.

    I will keep digging though for info

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    I had been secretly hoping the IAIS or KCS would buy it.

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