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    Does anyone have any information on what time 844 is going to leave El Reno? I was thinking about possibly driving up north of El Reno later today to catch it heading north, but I want to see if it's going to be worth my time and money first. If it's not leaving until after dark, then it's not worth the trip. The UP website does not give any info on when the train is leaving. Anybody know an estimated time of departure from El Reno?
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    The new Schedule is out for this week on Kansas Today, Nebraska Tomorrow.

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    Somebody get some pictures around Alma and Alta Vista today. Beautiful landscape there.
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    Just got a Heads Up!

    The entire 844 consist will be turned around on the Wimmer WYE (Omaha) tomorrow afternoon on its way to Council Bluffs!!! Scheduled to happen about 5pm!

    This will be an awesome move! New Photo ops too!

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