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    Decided to check out the UP Special Brad posted about in the heads-up section. Turns out it was about 90 minutes late in its arrival at Omaha's former UP station.
    --The special approaching the station.
    --A local makes its way back to the Council Bluffs yard.
    --Part of the local's consist was a cut of refurbished well cars from the
    South Omaha railcar facility (can't recall its current name).
    Ed Schopperth

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    Nice shots Ed
    The Trainmaster
    Port of Abilene Kansas
    Have camera, will travel :D
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    Nice catch on that local!

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    Good catch Ed. I was stuck in court all day today serving as a juror here in Texas.
    Mark St. Aubin
    My railroad photos:

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    Good shots Ed.

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    Awesome shots Ed! Those well cars sure look snazzy.
    Nathan "Jurgy" Jurgensen

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    Thanks gents!
    Ed Schopperth

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