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Thread: Pacific Central Station - night shot

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    Default Pacific Central Station - night shot

    I took my Original Digital Rebel along with my Canon 35 f2.0 lens to capture this image. I used to take my son to Pacific Central Station every Friday, we'd have a quick bite to eat at the McDonald's, then head out to watch passengers board, and then the train depart. Now it is difficult to get close at all with all the security measures.

    I took this standing on a narrow cement block, my camera poking up between two barbed wires straddling the wire fence. I was balancing, with a monopod on the camera (but not touching the ground - too far down), and I think this shot was shot at something like a 1/4 of a second; that it came out at all was a miracle. I processed it to save what image I did have:

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    Awesome shot!!!
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    Nice work
    There was a time in this fair land when the railway did not run

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    Very nice image, especially given the conditions you had while trying to get the shot. Tricky exposure, but you hit it!

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