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Thread: Hello from Tucson, AZ

  1. Default Hello from Tucson, AZ

    I recently retired from a not-very-strenuous career as a computer programmer. I've always been interested in trains but never actively did much -- oh I had a Lionel set as a kid but never really did much with it. After viewing a 6 videocassette set that my deceased father-in-law had I purchased a couple of newer Pentrex DVDs and now I'm interested in trains, once again. I haven't been ON a train for 25 years and that was the Harlem line from POK to NYC.

    Anyhow, hello from Tucson!

    ETA . . .

    BTW, which section (subforum) should I use to ask novice (and possibly irritating) questions about all aspects of trains?
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    Wow, not even one "hello" or "welcome". I guess this forum isn't for newbies. Goodbye.

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    Hey -- Tucson -- don't go! I want to give you
    a VERY warm welcome to this great forum.
    There are a lot of very nice people on here --
    \just give them time and they will welcome
    you too! (Monday morning at work keepin'
    folks from posting??)

    Anyhoo, please don't go! I always like to hear
    from new people on this board!

    What are your favorite RRs? Locomotives?:

    Look forward to more of your postings!

    Hmmm..I just now checked the date of
    your first posting -- April 13! I, too, don't
    understand why n o none else has welcomed
    you. It is rather rare for people here to ignore

    I myself have been a bit distracted -- following
    the UP 844 and her mishap. But I check this
    great forum a lot.

    WELCOME ABOARD, Tucson! Please come back!


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    Hello and Welcome from Northeast Texas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TucsonRailFan View Post
    Wow, not even one "hello" or "welcome". I guess this forum isn't for newbies. Goodbye.
    I'm not on every day so I must have missed your original post.

    Welcome from Oklahoma.

    Different cake. Just as sweet.

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    Hello, welcome to the Forums. Ive never been to Tucson, but I have a friend that uses to send pics of SP taken in Tucson in the later 1980s and early 1990s, as we as see below.

    [B]Visit my website here


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    Welcome from central Kansas
    The Trainmaster
    Port of Abilene Kansas
    Have camera, will travel :D
    Heritage units seen:
    UP 1982 4/30/16
    UP 1983 8/7/15 & 8/12/15 & 11/2/16
    UP 1988 7/5/11 & 12/27/14
    UP 1989 7/10/11 & 10/10/15
    UP 1995 8/1/11
    UP 1996 10/2/15

    UP 2002 8/15/16 & 8/26/16
    UP 2010 7/19/11
    Have all the unpatched SP AC4400CW's on video
    MP 163.1 UP Salina Sub
    MP 58.1 BNSF Strong City Sub

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