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Thread: Footprint of Auburn Wa Roundhouse Visible

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    Default Footprint of Auburn Wa Roundhouse Visible

    Maybe everyone else knows this and I am just slow, but you can clearly see the footprint of the old Auburn, WA NP roundhouse today.

    I was exploring around on Google Earth the other day, and there it clearly was, at the north end of the yard, just south of the south leg of Stampede Wye and Highway 18. I thought it would be cool to actually see that.

    Then while driving east on Hwy 18 today, between C Street exit and Auburn Way exit, there it is down there, clear as can be.

    Ed Eckes, former NP and BN machinist, if I remember right, had a great article in the Summer 2009 issue of the Northern Pacific Railway Historical Association publication, The Mainstreeter. He described the roundhouse and surrounding complex in great detail. I'll have to reread that.

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    Eyes on the road!
    Tom Kaminski
    Tacoma, WA

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    Here's another one that comes to mind:


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